Relocation of office is never an easy task; in fact, it can be back-breaking, hectic and time-consuming. We all know that the business sector is constantly changing, and updating yourself with time will decide if you are in the game or not?

We are always adapting to our environment and making important changes. No one clings on to useless ways of working. Everyone strives to find the most successful strategies to run a business.

Much like business strategies, office places also set the mood to work efficiently in an encouraging environment. It is progressive to change your office space if you feel like space is not up to the mark. One can not like their space for various reasons; it may be due to some conflict or financial issues, etc.

Relocation of your office is an important episode of your life, especially if your business is a big one. If you’re nervous about the requirements of office relocation, with a huge workstation at your disposal, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Sydney Movers Packers have the best office removalists to relocate any scale of business smoothly and in this blog, those office movers have a hassle-free process for smooth office relocation.


Where to get started?

Office Removal will take a lot of time and effort to get an office shifted successfully. A lot of planning and good execution is needed in the whole process, from getting your team organized to deciding what furniture to choose, to packing and arranging all the stuff that’ll get shifted and not fall behind on schedule.

Other than the logistics, the whole process of operation can be a challenge too. You have to assist someone in packing and loading and decide the workflow.

Since we’ve gone through the process a lot many times, we are qualified enough to give you a satisfactory answer. All of this can be daunting, but if divided into bite-sized tasks, it becomes surprisingly easy.

To make sure you are ready to face all the challenges and get your office relocated smoothly, please keep reading. Our professional tips and checklist will make your move a cakewalk.

Plan every step of your office relocation with this detailed guide. Without further ado, let’s get started!


Build a Checklist

Get your employees together and brainstorm all the important and tiny details with your office team for the office relocation. This is a process you can’t escape as it holds great significance. After jotting everything down, you get started with the real work.

This makes you feel calm and composed for the office relocation. Takedown everything that is being discussed to keep track of things and check them out along the way during the whole process. In this way, you will have a clear picture of the move and not miss a single thing.


Getting started

First of all, before fussing over packing and moving all the stuff, start assembling your relocation plan. Your plan doesn’t have to be solid, but it should have a foundation, which means jot down all the important steps that you feel are important. Begin with the big picture stuff, the area you plan to settle in, and the basic needs of your employees.

Ease of accessibility is really important for many businesses. They end up moving to areas where both clients and the employees can easily get access. Their satisfaction is important.

Always keep your business development and expansion strategy in mind when relocating to a different place. The vibe of your neighbourhood should match your brands’ public perception. The questions you can ask yourself are:

  • Is the new place financially viable? Does the neighbourhood feel welcoming/encouraging?
  • Is the place accessible to the clients and the staff?
  • Will the place be the right one to expand the business on/ will it meet your space needs?

These are some basic questions to start with; moving on, you should also check the lease stipulations. Every company will have different priorities. Hence it is important to consider all the ways that your business will have to adapt afterwards.

Most often than not, you will be able to find an area that suits your needs but in case you don’t, start looking for a business real estate agent.

They will help you with choosing the right property in less time and effort. As we all know, not all locations are the same and not all of them will come under your limited budget, so looking into this matter is important. Always remember to take your time to compare the pros and cons of all the options available.

After discussing all the points with your investors or stakeholders and considering all the areas to relocate your office to, you can move over to finalize the area.


Space Options

Planning office relocation is a significant decision, so one shouldn’t take it lightly. It is important to give attention to every factor of office relocation. An office will end up being a home for the next few years. That’s why it is necessary to put time and thought before settling in. You need to compare the expenditure at your present office and the future one and see if it fits according to your budget.

Mostly, there are two ways to rent a place, the first one is a leased building and the second one is co-working. Leasing a company means you would be paying a sum of money every month, and you are stuck there for quite some time, but on the other hand, it provides you with premium safety and your place. So, when you settle down for this option, please check everything thoroughly and make sure you are ready for the commitment.

Now, coming to the co-working part, it allows you to rent a larger space which is divided between 2 teams or companies. This makes relocation easier as there mostly no lease for these kinds of rent. This is especially popular among young entrepreneurs.

There is a compromise on privacy, for sure, but it is also cheaper on the pocket. You know you need it properly, so choose accordingly.


Office requirements

You must already know this topic. Get picky when you have various options. Take enough time and never be in a hurry. First, make yourself assured about the office rent, it must be in your suitable range.

Secondly, are there no conference rooms? Make sure that the heating and cooling facility is available—other amenities, such as spaces like kitchen and built-in communal kitchen. Make sure you count the number of power sockets and whether the place is safe or not.


Getting all the gears

Now, after planning where to settle down, that is according to your budget. You need to plan for the relocation expenses and also for other problems that come in the way, just to be safe. Moving costs include professional, moving cost of furniture and all the delicate other things.

Hiring a professional office furniture removalists team is advisable as they will take all the responsibility to reach your belongings to the new place without any damage. This will be a one-time expenditure that is worth having, so plan carefully.

Now, after getting the place and planning the whole move thoroughly, inform you’re the important people, such as your current landlord, and let your team know long before so that you can get the input.

Always create a master list for everything and keep ticking things only when you are 100% sure. Holding a meeting with everyone who is involved in the office relocation is a better idea to cover all the aspects of moving without missing anything.


Right before the move

You have covered the entire important jobs, now is the correct time to fill in the gaps. Find the tiny details, and reserve the elevators in advance to make sure the move runs faster.

A thumb rule is always to plan to move any non-essential items first and then move to the essential ones. Keep your building keys safe somewhere and arrange for the storage and disposal of old documents. Order all the important stationary and choose the things you want to take or leave for the move.

For the employers, there is other important work to do to save time. Chalk out the seating plan beforehand, also assign moving supervisors for each dept.

This way, when the work is distributed, everyone will know their job. Develop proper relocation project timing, including packing up, unpacking, stocking and cleaning.

Give your staff access keys and make the new place accessible to them to get familiar with the space. It is important to get all the cleaning and restocking done as soon as the move is complete. Always forget to verify your moving insurance, just in case!


The D day (Moving day)

You are going to be thankful for all the planning you’ve done before because not only does it take time, but also it turns such a daunting relocation into an easy job.

Thanks to the entire job we did beforehand. After all your stuff is relocated to the new place safely, you should start installing things the right way.

Always keep an eye on the emergency contact list of professionals for internet, other utilities or moving in general. Knowing that safety is the highest priority, make sure all your staff knows their job and wear safety gears to protect themselves. It is advisable to get the moving work done over a weekend.


After the office removal

This is when the hard work begins! Get someone to test your computers, routers, telephones, printers and other mechanical things. Make sure everything works and distribute the new contact list and the map of the office, outlining all the important departments such as the manager and administrator.

Do an extensive checking of the whole building and note down all the damages and issues in the building report. Remember to audit the final invoice from the relocation company to your contract.

Now that your new place is set up, remember that you are not done with the old one. Confirm the termination of the lease or the agreement with the previous landowner.

Get all the important documents, such as the parking passes, security card and the keys and return them. Get your insurance transferred to the new area and update everyone about the new address. After doing all of these, schedule the press release and client meeting for an upcoming business day.


Getting finished up

Relocation of your old office to a new area will come with a lot of challenges, but it won’t be hectic or messy if followed the right way. It is one of the most satisfying changes you’ll ever face.

After all this considerable work, never forget to give yourself and the teammates some time and give yourself a pat, cuz you deserve it.

Moving to an office is no joke; it is a process that can be exhausting, so take your time to bounce back. In the first few days of work, be appreciative of all the staff, ask them about what new things they want to add to the office. This way a positive atmosphere will be created, hence boosting the morale of everyone.


Key points to remember:

  • Make sure your business is in its optimum phase
  • Chalk out all the needs and office space requirements
  • Compare the budget between the new and the old place
  • Try to negotiate with the office lease
  • Check out the neighbourhood to make sure it is safe and sound
  • Update the new office with IT and telephones lines to get it going
  • Research about office removalists and go for the one that suits them best
  • Announce your office move to the team, so they know about the event beforehand and feel valued and supported
  • Get a copy of all the important documents, just in case!

Regardless of the size of your company, every company needs to do something to get the move done smoothly. There are several things you have to take care of, let moving and packing not be the one.

Since we have experience of more than a decade, let us relocate your belongings safely and securely. We’ll take care to pack all the substances with the utmost care, and we also take responsibility for the transportation.

We have a team of well-trained professionals who are best in their field of work, so there is no question of damage. To get a quick and free quote,

you can email at-

or you can also call us on – 1800 865 005

We hope our tips and tricks make your office relocation easier. Happy moving!

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