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Though it is fundamental for a store to deliver your refrigerator when you buy it, it can still happen that the store delivery person cannot deliver the refrigerator properly. Maybe because of the stairs or tricky access that makes it difficult for them—just yourself from the inconvenience and hassle by hiring Fridge Removalists Sydney. We will do all the jobs for you in the most professional manner.

Every type of fridge moving service is available at our place. Let it be delivery service or disposal service; we are the best in Sydney. For many years, we have been in this business to know how to handle your electronics professionally at affordable rates. We have perfectly suitable trucks to load your refrigerator efficiently. So whether it is your regular single door refrigerator or a double door refrigerator, we know how to do it all.

We know it is much easier to dump the fridge, but there is much more into this as it contains chemicals that can be harmful if not disposed of properly. Once the chemicals have been removed, now the fridge is ready to be disposed of. Many parts of the refrigerator can be recycled easily, like metals, plastic and glass. We make sure to recycle these parts to participate in a healthy environment.

  • We guarantee you to give the cheapest services all across Sydney at competitive rates. It doesn't matter if the job is small or big; we deliver every type of service according to your needs and requirements.
  • Our services are fully customised according to our customers to make it easy for them.
  • Our professional commercial fridge movers Sydney team is there to promise the safety of your electronic appliance and take close care of your items. Other than that, for your peace of mind, we also provide you with full insurance.
  • We provide you with various ways to make payments; you can pay us with cash or internet banking or debit or credit card or cheque or anything. If you are not comfortable with cash, we have provided you with cashless payments.
  • Fast service is what we try to provide our customers. You can quickly get the services on the same day when you book or, if not the same day, the next day it is.
  • All in one service. We are very flexible and modify our requirements. We can deliver you the new refrigerator and also fix it in the appropriate place of your choice. Also, we can remove your old fridge and dispose of and recycle it in the best manner.

Types of fridge delivery and disposal services that we provide

  • Fridge removal
  • Old fridge disposal
  • Broken/ Damaged fridge removal
  • Commercial fridge disposal
  • Freezer removal and disposal
  • Fridge removal and disposal services
  • Fridge delivery
  • Fridge storage

What do fridge removalists do?

  • The service that our fridge removal Sydney team provide includes the removal and proper disposal of your refrigerator. We pick up your fridge and make sure it is appropriately dismantled and disposed of or recycled.
  • We can deliver your refrigerator from the store to your doorsteps. We will also assemble and make the refrigerator functional for you to use. But, of course, it's always a good idea to hire a professional to handle your electronic appliances.
  • We also provide refrigerator storage services. We have the best storage facility and professional people to take care of your fridges. Sometimes, while moving, customers tend to leave their fridge with us because of their reasons. We have been doing this for years now to know how it's done.

Pre-Fridge Removal Checklist

1. Avoid wastage

Start eating much of the perishable food items and the items that require freezing or refrigeration. This should start before one week of your fridge moving day! This way, you'll waste less. Then, if you are still left with food items on a moving day, you can distribute them among your family and friends, or you can put those items safely that are durable and won't stale.

2. Cleaning

This is the best time to segregate the expired items you don't want anymore and throw them away. Please keep the good ones in boxes nicely till you have a new fridge to put them into.

3. Store the extra things attached to your fridge

It is always a great idea to prepare in advance not to regret it later. We are very fond of attaching magnets and souvenirs to our fridge, but they should be taken out and saved in boxes as they can get damaged and misplaced while moving your refrigerator.

4. Disassemble

It is imperative and advised to take out all the shelves, drawers and trays from the fridge and pack them carefully before the move. They can get damaged while moving.

5. Unplug the fridge

You must unplug the fridge the night before the move. It's recommended to keep the doors open to speed up the process of defrosting. Also, put some towels behind and around the fridge as the water will leak from the fridge, and the towel will soak up the excess water.

6. Wait for some time to plug your fridge on after the move

After you have moved your fridge, it's best to let it stay as it is for about 2 hours and then plug and switch it on. It will give time for the fridge to settle down at the new place.

Why Choose Our Commercial Fridge Movers Sydney?

1. Affordable: Our fridge removal Sydney team's service cost is very minimal as compared to the other moving companies. We are budget-friendly and provide good deals and discounts to our customers, and being the affordable one does not mean that we compromise anything in the quality of services. We provide the best removal services that fit everyone’s budget.

2. Expert Fridge Movers With Quality Moving Skills: Our fridge removalists are highly skilled and can smoothly perform all the moving tasks. We will ensure 100% damage-free move with the best lifting and packing techniques.

3. Authentic And Trustworthy: Sydney Movers Packers is an authentic and certified moving company in Sydney. We are registered in the Department of Removal and Storage of Australia. Our staff is polite, friendly and trustworthy and our clients can rely on us for their goods.

4. Moving Insurance: We provide full-value moving insurance on your fridge; if any damage occurs during the relocation process from our end, then we will recover it for you.

FAQs On Fridge Removalists Sydney

Ans. Mainly all of our quotes include about two men and a truck. Our movers will do everything for you to get the best experience of fridge removal. We need no contribution from you regarding physical service; we do it all with ease and expertise. We ask you to empty the fridge before we arrive and lay some cloth behind the fridge, just in case there is water leaking from the fridge as it usually happens once we turn off the fridge. Other than that, there is nothing you need to do. Just sit back and wait for our fridge movers to do the work.

And. Yes, it's a fundamental thing we think is when delivering a fridge. There is no point in just delivering and putting your refrigerator in front of your main door. Instead, we load the fridge from the store you want us to and will deliver and assemble it wherever you want in your house. And if you are hiring us for the fridge disposal service, we are happy to do that. We can very quickly dismantle your refrigerator and dispose of or recycle it properly.

Ans. Our fridge delivery service will deliver your fridge on any given day you choose that you are comfortable in. Just call us to book your service, and we will be at your door as soon as possible. We are just a phone call away.
Ans. We have been working in this industry of movers and removalists for more than five years+ and served thousands of clients with our best and affordable moving service. In this journey, we have built a massive network of satisfied clients and professional working staff. All credit goes to our dedicated team of fridge movers and our clients who referred us to other people.
Ans. Our fridge removalists are very well-trained and operate under an expert team manager during the whole relocation process. Therefore there is a very slight chance of damage or any mishappening. But in case if you find any damage or issue from our side, you can claim for the damaged fridge within 24 hours after the relocation.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Fridge Removals Services?

Chris Smith's Testimonial About Our Fridge Removals Services

I recently used Sydney Movers Packers for my fridge removal and was thoroughly impressed with their service. They were prompt and efficient and handled my fridge with utmost care. The friendly and professional team made the entire process stress-free for me. I highly recommend them to anyone needing reliable and affordable fridge removal services.

- Chris Smith

Julie's Testimonial About Our Fridge Removals Services

I recommend Sydney Movers Packers enough for their exceptional fridge removal services. They were incredibly responsive and accommodating to my needs, and their team arrived on time and was very respectful of my home. They carefully wrapped and secured my fridge before transport, and everything arrived at my new home in perfect condition. Their prices were very competitive, and the overall experience was seamless.

- Julie

George Smith's Testimonial About Our Fridge Removals Services

I recently used Sydney Movers Packers for my fridge removal, and I have nothing but positive things to say about their service. Their team was professional, efficient, and courteous from the initial quote to the actual removal. They arrived promptly, handled my fridge carelessly, and delivered it to my new home without issues. I highly recommend their services to anyone needing a reliable and affordable fridge removal company.

- George Smith

Oliver's Testimonial About Our Fridge Removals Services

Sydney Movers Packers exceeded my expectations for their fridge removal services. Their team was highly skilled, and they made the entire process effortless and stress-free for me. They arrived on time, carefully wrapped and secured my fridge, and delivered it to my new home without any damage. I highly recommend their services to anyone needing efficient and reliable fridge removal services.

- Oliver

Nelson's Testimonial About Our Fridge Removals Services

Sydney Movers Packers provided me with excellent fridge removal services. They took great care of my fridge and delivered it to my new home in perfect condition. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a trustworthy and affordable fridge removal company.

- Nelson