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For many people, their pianos are incredibly dear to their hearts and also one of the most costly possessions after their house and vehicle. Sydney Movers Packers understands the sentiments attached with the piano. Because of its large size and delicate nature, moving a piano is not as easy as moving any random piece of furniture. To find the best, budget-friendly and also reliable movers is not a simple task. It is not very easy to maintain the level of service for a long time. Nevertheless, with our consistent efforts to satisfy our customers and deliver our best, we can proudly say that Sydney Movers Packers has come up with the best service. Our Piano Removals Sydney team is the most professional movers and keeps close contact with the customers to provide efficient and effective moving.

Whether it is about transferring pianos locally or interstate, we are easily reachable. We are near you whenever you need our services. Transferring a piano is not a cakewalk for everyone. It requires a professional team of movers and the knowledge of assembling and disassembling. We understand how delicate the mechanism of the piano is and how carefully it needs to be moved. We pack your piano with good blankets and packaging for its careful transfer. Piano Removals Sydney experts possesses all the right qualities that one needs to transfer a piano. We have all the professional equipment to work with a piano, in perfect condition efficiently. We make sure to present you with the best quality services as our customers are our priority. We ensure the proper safety of your item by packing it in the top quality material and storage boxes and providing you with insurance & a warranty. Isn't this something awe-inspiring!

A piano is a delicate item; much thinking goes into choosing the right removalist company to reach the place without damage. The chances of damage to your piano might increase if you settle for any random moving company. You need someone who knows the technicality that goes into moving a piano. Here, we provide you with the best. Our piano removals Sydney team is highly experienced in moving any size and type of piano and has all the proper equipment. With professional movers and advanced tools, we ensure to handle your prized possessions during the moving safely.

Moving Process Our Piano Removalists In Sydney Follow

Relocating even the most miniature objects into one step is not easy. When it comes to moving a giant piano, it becomes a more challenging and complex process. But by hiring our expert piano movers, you can easily simplify this complex process and get your close to heart piano at the destination safely. Our cheap piano removalists team has good knowledge of relocating piano with the proper tools and techniques. Here are the following steps which are performed by our professional piano removalists when they arrive at your location:

  • After the arrival of our moving team, we quickly start the disassembling of your piano with the help of the appropriate moving tools.
  • We use high-tech tools and moving equipment to move the piano easily and safely, it reduces the stress and emphasis on your arms.
  • All the parts of the disassembled piano are packed with premium quality packing materials.
  • After packing, the piano is carried by solid piano removals experts to load in the truck. Sometimes, we use hydraulic lifting tools to move in and out the piano from the vehicle for grand pianos.
  • At the end of the moving process, the team manager cross-checks everything to ensure the piano's safety during transportation. To protect the piano from the jerks and vibrations, we give the piano extra cushioning. We serve the best van and truck removal services for safe transportation.
  • When our expert piano removalists reach the destination place, they unload your piano, unpack it safely. They reassemble your piano quickly and organise it at the desired corner of your new place safely.

Why Choose Our Piano Removals Service In Sydney?

Relocating even the most miniature objects into one step is not easy. When it comes to moving a giant piano, it becomes a more challenging and complex process. However, by hiring our expert piano movers, you can easily simplify this complex process and safely get your close to heart piano at the destination place. We thrive to go beyond the piano removals. Here are some of the services that we are offering to our customers.

It will be an effective relocation of your piano

Our piano removals Sydney team has a large number of vehicles with a skilled and professional workforce. With proper assistance and training, our movers are delivering the best services with consistency over the years. We will give you our words that even if we have to cover that extra mile, we will move your piano very safely and efficiently.

Budget-Friendly prices

Moving a piano is not an easy task. It requires attention and dedication to complete the move with success. Piano Removalists Sydney provides you with top class service at competitive prices. Suppose you ask around about the moving services in Sydney. In that case, no one will provide you with the quality of service we are providing at cheap rates. That is why we are the most commonly chosen movers in the whole of Sydney.


Many piano removals companies fail to provide warranties to the customers. These companies may provide lesser rates but maintain low-quality standards and fail to provide a warranty for their services. You can easily differentiate between our service and the ones who are delivering low-quality service.

Fully equipped movers

Moving a piano is much more complicated than moving anything else. Even furniture removals need professional equipment, but the piano needs much more advanced equipment and care. We have all the variety of tools and equipment required to move a piano in the best condition. Moving a piano can be complicated, so we have all the apt tools handy.

Fully insured

When moving a piano, everything needs to be done correctly—from packing, properly placing the piano in heavy-duty blankets, arranging in the trucks till delivery and assembling. However, despite all these services, we also provide full insurance to our customers for their peace of mind which makes our services double insured and reliable.

Fast and efficient service

We provide the best service with short notice because we are an actual piano removalist. We move pianos day in and day out whenever you want. Mostly we move the piano on the same day when you book the service and if our removalists are not locked in, or we happen to be working in the same area. In addition, we have our piano moving trucks, which help make us a time-efficient and effective services provider to our customers.

Easily accessible

The vehicles are easily accessible for your peace of mind. In addition, before starting the process of moving, we provide you with the contact number of the respective removalist so that you can track the location of your piano easily.

We have ensured your pianos total safety and security. We have done the complete background check of our employees. Our staff is highly cooperative and professional to make you feel comfortable and provide you with excellent service. That will ensure the best piano removal experience when you are with us.

What type of piano moving services do we provide?

We are expert moving these pianos

  • Small Upright pianos
  • Upright Piano (standard size)
  • Full-size grand
  • Medium Upright Pianos
  • baby grand
  • Pianola
  • Piano organs

We have offered a variety of services for several years. Above are some examples of the services that we provide. Nevertheless, of course, we also provide other services too based on your requirements.

Our storage service:

We also offer a piano storage service in our temperature controlled warehouses. It helps keep your piano in regular shape for the longest time due to the temperature control system without direct sunlight exposure and also keeps colour intact.

With us, your pianos are safe!

FAQs | Piano Removals Sydney

There is not much needed to be done as our movers will be doing the needful. But, just for a safe and swift start, you need to clear the pathway, the area surrounding the piano and the entrances. So that the piano will not get damaged while moving. Our movers will help you to do that if you notify us by the time. We will help you as much as we can.

To choose the right piano movers company for yourself, ask the right questions: What level of experience do they have? How long have they been transporting pianos? Do they provide insurance, if yes, under what terms & conditions?

Moving a piano is a business formed by professionals having the proper experience, specific techniques to follow the service and suitable equipment and standards. Therefore, we advise you to choose a company that provides professional Piano services mainly related to heavy and bulky moving or delicate items. Piano vehicles use specific appliances constructed to handle heavy and fragile loads. Usually, the movers are experienced people with excellent physical shape who have been working in teams for many years.

Most pianos are heavy. What happened to you is not unusual. There are too many available furniture removalists services who claim to move everything professionally but cannot even move a cabinet properly. They would also claim they can move your piano very skillfully. It is vital to make sure you deal with an actual piano removalist with all the factual details. Talking about us, We move pianos every day and are specialists in this service, it is nothing new for us. So, you can trust us with your closed eyes.

We move the upright piano ultimately! So, we do not ask to dismantle the piano in parts to reduce its weight or work. It is pretty easy for our professional and robust removalists. Disassembling mostly happens in the case of older pianos as they get a little flimsy.

Our company uses this procedure when one of the following conditions requires it; otherwise, we avoid disassembling the piano in most cases: you have many stairs with narrow turns, and we cannot move the piano because it is too narrow, or when the piano hits the roof, because you have refurbished your basement or corridor and lowered the ceiling, or because you have altered the pattern of your stairs. Disassembling is mainly an uncertain operation since the technicalities of a piano are rather complex. So, the crucial three steps mentioned below:

  • 1) disassembling the piano, which will be performed by a professional technician specialising in piano disassembling
  • 2) the move, which our company's team of removalists will carry out
  • 3) the reassembly of the piano, which the professional technician will do

With various names and labels given to pianos, it is no wonder some clients are unsure of what kind of piano they have. Fortunately, our piano movers are here to help in this case! An upright piano is the type of piano that is usually placed against a wall. Typically, this allows it to take up the least amount of space on the floor in a room. Additionally, other names for upright piano include: "vertical piano" and sometimes even "wall piano."

Alternatively, a grand piano is a piano with three legs. In addition to that, the body of the piano is arranged horizontally. Also, these vary in size from as small as four 1/2′ to up to 9′ and rarely exceed 9′ in length.

No worries! Let Piano Movers Sydney help you with this!

A piano does not need to be tuned after the moving process, as it does not affect its tuning. However, the new house may affect its tuning compared to your former place or house because of the room's temperature, humidity, and size. Therefore, we approve that you wait for a couple of days to see how the piano settles down; then, you should go ahead if you find the need to tune the piano. We do not tune your piano as tuning needs to be done by a Pianist.

Yes, the rate structure of piano removals is varied from the furniture removal services. A piano is very delicate from the other furniture, so it is considered a separate removal service. The charges depend on the type of piano and how long it will take to cover the distance.

Yes, our piano removalists expect someone to be present at the time of piano removal; otherwise, they do not enter the client's premises without permission. In addition, there must be someone at the destination place to sign off at the end of the job during the time of delivery.

Within 24 hours of your complete piano relocation, you can claim the damaged piano if our piano removalists cause it. Our team manager will look into the damaged piano and recover the damage for you.

It depends upon the type of piano, but we usually permanently dismantle it. Even before moving, we dismantle all the oversized and heavy furniture like the Pool table, piano, bed, etc. and pack them properly. Our piano removalists are proficient, skilled, and experienced in dismantling and reassembling the piano.

To make your move hassle-free and secure, at least give a notice 7-10days before the moving date. We also offer an instant relocation service; you can contact our customer care. We are always ready to help our customers 24*7.


Sydney Movers Packers Testimonial

We move a lot and we've used Sydney Mover Packers removalists company the last few times for several reasons. They are punctual; they send a confirmation the day before and a call on the day to let you know what time they should be arriving. They are fast; compared to other removalists companies that have taken all day to move our belongings, but their crew work more efficiently and complete the work on time. They are always easy-going and polite people which really helps during the stress of relocating. I will highly recommend Sydney Movers Packers House Removals Service.

- Chris Smith

Moving Companies Sydney Testimonial

I have been so very delighted with our experience with Sydney Movers Packer. After trying several different removalist companies I have found that they are exactly what I need. Their results are fantastic. The best experience I've ever had with a removalists company. Clear communication, friendly and extremely professional movers. They even helped me unload my stuff at the new location. Efficient, no damage to any belongings, overall excellent service. I would definitely like to recommend this company to friends and family because they were reliable and patient about their work.

- Julie

Sydney Movers Packers Testimonial

Sydney Movers Packers are the best removalists service provider in Sydney. I just like to thank the them for helping us move from Melbourne to Sydney in Australia. We found the process Stress-free and they were professional at all times during the move. None of the items were damaged when I unpacked them. I appreciate the work done by Sydney Mover Packer for a smooth moving journey from Sydney to Melbourne. It was an absolute pleasure working with them due to their friendly and helpful nature. I will not hesitate to recommend the awesome team to anyone who needs relocation services. Wonderful service throughout the whole process.

- George Smith

Cheap Removalists Sydney

I was worried at first about the relocating procedure, how will I manage everything itself? But as soon as we approached the Sydney Mover Packer removal company, our tension flew. Their staff was well skilled and professional. My belongings reached our new destination with utmost care and safety. Superb team! looked at several removalists companies but chose Sydney Mover Packer partly as the cost was competitive, but also all-inclusive. The team arrived early and very fast and efficient.

- Oliver

Sydney Removals Companies

Fantastic work by Sydney Movers Packers- the best removalists in Sydney, Australia. They provided me with a very high-quality removal services at very cheap rates. I relocated my furniture to the locals of Sydney. The team of removalists moved my furniture effortlessly without any damage, I must mention here, I was at my highest relief while I moved. Sydney Movers Packers were quick, professional, and reliable. I have already recommended it to my friends.

- Nelson


Watch the complete video to explain the wide variety of services Sydney Movers Packers provides to its customers. We have this great list of home and office moving and packing services in Sydney. Our moving services are truly second to none; because we have a specialized and committed team of professional movers ready to move you safely anywhere you want. Get a concrete idea of how you can book our removalist's services by just using any of these three steps. Our moving and packing service is available 24*7 at your service. Watch the video to know more about the Sydney Movers Packers.

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