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Moving needs to be handled by a professional for proper safety and efficiency, especially when moving complex items such as a wardrobe. Sydney Movers Packers is known for delivering their specialised wardrobe removalists service all over Sydney and also Australia. Our professional wardrobe movers have experience moving many different sizes and shapes of wardrobes

Wardrobe of different styles:

  • Dressing room fit-outs
  • Sliding wardrobes
  • Walk-in Wardrobes
  • Veneers Wardrobes
  • Laminates Wardrobes

Wardrobes made of:

  • Mirror
  • Glass
  • Metal and leather
  • Plywood
  • Particleboard
  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Moving a wardrobe demands a lot of things that many people seem to ignore hence damaging the wardrobe. Don't settle for less satisfactory service when you can take advantage of the services of wardrobe movers from Sydney Movers Packers. We are a complete match for the quality under the budget. If you're thinking of moving your wardrobe all by yourself, you should know that moving a wardrobe yourself is never a good idea because of unlimited reasons. Among those reasons, one is your safety which is the first and the foremost thing to consider. A wardrobe is a massive and heavy item that demands proper tools and equipment; we move from one place to another. We ensure a double layer packing technique when it comes to ensuring the safety of the materials. Without the proper knowledge, one can harm himself in the process, so it's best to hire a team of professional movers to avoid any such situation.

Moving the wardrobe without prior experience can be dangerous; here the top-most reasons why you shouldn't be doing DIY moving. A wardrobe is highly weighted and oversized: A wardrobe is a weighty object, and moving it is not a single man's task. It requires a group of physically fit people and has good knowledge of moving giant furniture pieces. When it comes to moving a wardrobe, its weight could be a big challenge.

Liability: If you pack or move your wardrobe by yourself, there are many chances to scratch or damage the wardrobe. If it gets scratched or accounts for any accident, you are no longer entitled to get any compensation for it. Also, if you have hired our moving service, just for the transportation part, and have packed the wardrobe by yourself, we wouldn't be able to give insurance for your wardrobe.

Lack Of Tools And Resources: Generally, people do not have a complete set of moving tools and equipment necessary for the safe relocation of the wardrobe. Without the right tools, it is challenging to move the large-sized wardrobe smoothly.

Uncertainties And Injuries: If you move your heavy wardrobe alone, then there must be the chances of lots of injuries and uncertainties. As you are not a professional wardrobe removalist, moving it alone can cause severe back pain, scratches, cuts, muscle pain, etc.

What Does Our Professional Wardrobe Movers Sydney Team Have To Offer?

Professional and convenient

The benefit of moving with a professional mover is safety at its max. You don't have to worry about your wardrobe even a little bit as our professionals handle it. We have all the right tools for a swift move.

Competitive rates

Sydney Movers Packers is known to provide world class moving services at the cheapest rates. No other mover in Sydney will provide you with as low as the rates we provide you with the best service.

Comprehensive insurance policy

Other than the professional service and top-notch service to top it up, we are also providing comprehensive insurance for your wardrobe, which will cover any damage due to us in transit.

Disassembling and assembling of the wardrobe

Booking removalists makes it easy as they know how to move your wardrobe efficiently and effectively. Even when it needs to be disassembled, they will have all the right tools and skills to do that, making the whole moving process swift and utterly convenient. After the transit, when your wardrobe reaches the new place, our removalists make sure to assemble your wardrobe in the place of your liking.

Packaging services

To ensure that the wardrobe should get delivered without a scratch, we must start with the best packaging, and we do it. After disassembling, we make sure to put everything in sturdy plastic boxes or wraps to move the wardrobe safely and securely.

Sydney Movers Packers - Process Followed by Our Wardrobe Movers in Sydney

Moving complex items like a wardrobe can be a task, so we have divided the whole process into simple steps, which we execute with proper planning. These steps are:

Starting with taking Measurements of the Wardrobe

First and foremost is to take measurements of the wardrobe so it can be moved and relocated correctly. Also, checking the condition of the wardrobe is essential to know what type of techniques are required to move it. After measuring and checking the condition, our removalists properly plan to move it through the hallways and entrances.

Dismantling the Wardrobe

Though dismantling heavy and oversized weighted items isn't always possible, using the right tools and machines, the wardrobe can still be dismantled. When disassembling a wardrobe, the first step is to remove the doors, mirrors, shelves, hangers, and drawers. We will pack all the parts with the help of suitable packing materials. Such as the moving blankets and the right and bubble wraps.

Packaging the wardrobe with high-quality material

Clearing the contents of the wardrobe and dismantling it, we start with the packaging of the parts of the wardrobe that we dismantled before. We use high-quality packaging, heavy-duty blankets, tapes, bubble wraps and many other things to secure your items during the move. We ensure to serve you with proper safety and security of your belongings.

The transit and reassembling of your wardrobe

Sydney Movers Packers have every type of truck and van to suit your relocation needs. We keep them clean to move your belongings. When we reach the desired place, we securely unload your wardrobe and quickly reassemble it.

Why Choose Our Experienced Wardrobe Movers in Sydney?


We enjoy the tag of being one of the most popular wardrobe movers in Sydney because of our affordable quotes and highly convenient services. We provide both standard and customised wardrobe removal services. You will never find such attractive removal rates and discounts other than us.

Professional Moving Team

We provide a team of professional movers and packers to relocate your wardrobe safely to the new place. Our team of professional wardrobe movers in Sydney has been doing it for a very long time. With the help of professional wardrobe removalists services, we have delivered to almost a thousand householders and offices successfully and smoothly.

24*7 Availability Of Service: All our services are always available for our customers. We offer the best quality wardrobe removalists services 24*7, call 1800 865 005 whenever you need us. We feel happy to help our clients.

Moving Insurance

The best thing about hiring a professional wardrobe moving team instead of a DIY move is getting free from all kinds of relocation liabilities. Our professional wardrobe movers handle the task very carefully, but the future is uncertain. If any unfortunate accident occurs and your wardrobe gets damaged in our care, you will be getting the truest of the value of it. We provide total compensation or recovery on your wardrobe.

FAQs | Wardrobe Movers Sydney

Yes, we don't use the regular van. We use the city van for relocating your wardrobe. These kinds of vans are much more comfortable and convenient for the moving process. It is far easier to get through traffic with city vans, and it also safeguards the wardrobe from jolts during transit.

We recommend you book at least 4-5 before the moving day when moving locally, and if you want to relocate your wardrobe interstate, then, in that case, book as early as possible to ensure the availability of slots. You don't want to miss the availability of slots as it can also delay your move.

It relies totally on the distance you want your wardrobe to be located and the type of wardrobe you want to move. If it's a giant-sized wardrobe, it will easily take around 4-5 hours, and if it's a small one, then 2-3 should be enough. This is the approximate time to relocate your wardrobe. There are various kinds of wardrobe that customers must have, the time will vary according to that. If the wardrobe is a complex one, then our removalists will have to invest a high amount of time in disassembling and reassembling them.
No, not at all. Wardrobe services cost separately when the customers ask solely for moving a wardrobe. When you book us for moving your whole furniture, we consider wardrobe relocation only. And, the rate of furniture removal depends upon the number of furniture items that you want us to move and the type and complexity they are having. For example, you have a very bulky furniture piece that also requires a pretty good amount of time in disassembling and assembling that item; it will require much more effort hence costing you more.
Sydney Movers Packers are here for you 24*7. On business days or weekends, we are just a call away! We understand that the customer can need our services any time of the day or week, so we serve at any hour or day for their convenience.
Whatever suits you, we provide both offline and online quotes. And, we don't charge you for a quote; you can visit our website and fill in all the necessary details there and submit it to us. Our team will connect with you after that via call or mail, and there we will provide you with the estimation of your moving process.
A wardrobe is a heavy piece of furniture; that is why moving it from one place to another requires great effort and different moving and packing supplies that suit the size and nature of your wardrobe well. The complete estimation of furniture removal depends on the number of furniture pieces to be moved and the complexity in their design. Just fill our quotation form, which is available on our website, for more information.
The total time of wardrobe removal depends upon the type and interior design of the wardrobe. The time of moving also varies due to the distance to be covered. Generally, if you have a massive wardrobe with a complex modular design, it will take 5-6hours to relocate to the new place. You can directly contact customer support staff for any other doubts and queries or send us a mail at info@sydneymoverspackers.com.au.
Yes, our company provides both online and offline quotes. We don't charge for requesting quotes. You have to open our website in any browser, request a free online quote, fill in all the necessary details, and submit. Our request handling team will connect with you through call or mail and provide an estimation for your house removal process. We suggest you choose an offline/pre-move survey for a better idea about the wardrobe relocation process.
Sydney Movers Packers have various types of moving vehicles for the comfortable movement of goods from one place to another. We offer a city van and truck for moving a standard size double door wardrobe with an appropriately licenced driver. These vans are clean and provide better stability while relocating the wardrobe.
Sydney Movers Packers operate all our services 24*7. We carefully note and understand the requirements of our customers and know that everyone can't relocate a heavy wardrobe on weekdays, as it consumes lots of time. Therefore, we have a massive team of wardrobe removalists who are always available to assist you.


Sydney Movers Packers Testimonial

We move a lot and we've used Sydney Mover Packers removalists company the last few times for several reasons. They are punctual; they send a confirmation the day before and a call on the day to let you know what time they should be arriving. They are fast; compared to other removalists companies that have taken all day to move our belongings, but their crew work more efficiently and complete the work on time. They are always easy-going and polite people which really helps during the stress of relocating. I will highly recommend Sydney Movers Packers House Removals Service.

- Chris Smith

Moving Companies Sydney Testimonial

I have been so very delighted with our experience with Sydney Movers Packer. After trying several different removalist companies I have found that they are exactly what I need. Their results are fantastic. The best experience I've ever had with a removalists company. Clear communication, friendly and extremely professional movers. They even helped me unload my stuff at the new location. Efficient, no damage to any belongings, overall excellent service. I would definitely like to recommend this company to friends and family because they were reliable and patient about their work.

- Julie

Sydney Movers Packers Testimonial

Sydney Movers Packers are the best removalists service provider in Sydney. I just like to thank the them for helping us move from Melbourne to Sydney in Australia. We found the process Stress-free and they were professional at all times during the move. None of the items were damaged when I unpacked them. I appreciate the work done by Sydney Mover Packer for a smooth moving journey from Sydney to Melbourne. It was an absolute pleasure working with them due to their friendly and helpful nature. I will not hesitate to recommend the awesome team to anyone who needs relocation services. Wonderful service throughout the whole process.

- George Smith

Cheap Removalists Sydney

I was worried at first about the relocating procedure, how will I manage everything itself? But as soon as we approached the Sydney Mover Packer removal company, our tension flew. Their staff was well skilled and professional. My belongings reached our new destination with utmost care and safety. Superb team! looked at several removalists companies but chose Sydney Mover Packer partly as the cost was competitive, but also all-inclusive. The team arrived early and very fast and efficient.

- Oliver

Sydney Removals Companies

Fantastic work by Sydney Movers Packers- the best removalists in Sydney, Australia. They provided me with a very high-quality removal services at very cheap rates. I relocated my furniture to the locals of Sydney. The team of removalists moved my furniture effortlessly without any damage, I must mention here, I was at my highest relief while I moved. Sydney Movers Packers were quick, professional, and reliable. I have already recommended it to my friends.

- Nelson


Watch the complete video to explain the wide variety of services Sydney Movers Packers provides to its customers. We have this great list of home and office moving and packing services in Sydney. Our moving services are truly second to none; because we have a specialized and committed team of professional movers ready to move you safely anywhere you want. Get a concrete idea of how you can book our removalist's services by just using any of these three steps. Our moving and packing service is available 24*7 at your service. Watch the video to know more about the Sydney Movers Packers.

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