Up for a relocation? Well, you have to take care of your belongings and yourself because moving isn’t an easy job. It requires proper planning and execution, or else you’ll end up getting hurt or damaging your furniture.

Moving can be more hectic and dangerous than you might think. It is exhausting work which, when combined with lifting heavy boxes and packing with sharp knives, may lead to serious injury if you’re not careful.

You should be cautious when relocating, especially when you decide to do it yourself without the help of the professional furniture removalists.

Protecting yourself during the move should be as important as protecting the furniture. Knowing the basic moving safety tips is a must when undertaking this job, as one mistake could lead to serious consequences.

Always be careful when relocating fragile goods of the house. It is a wise thought to prepare beforehand for the move. Here are some great tips that will ensure your as well as the safety of your belongings. Keep reading to know more.


1. Carefully Label The Moving Boxes

Labelling the moving boxes is really important as there are lots of times people forget what they pack inside each box. If you have packed your boxes with sharp materials and handle them carelessly, you could cut yourself.

Moreover, if you don’t properly label your box that has harmful chemicals, that could put your kids at high risk. To avoid such mishappenings, make sure that you label all of your boxes carefully.

Anything that should be held with caution must have appropriate labels on them. It is important to label all the boxes clearly to avoid any confusion because not only will this help in preventing any unnecessary mess, but it will make the unpacking process a whole lot easier.


2. Keep Yourself Organised

This should go without saying, organising takes effort, but it is worth it. Working according to the plan will be the main motive here to help you stay on time and organised.

It can be difficult when you are in between the moves. But on the other hand, having too much of a mess increases the chances of getting hurt.

For example, there are various items such as boxes, shoes or other assorted items lying around, and someone can trip over a box or slip-on liquid and injure themselves heavily.

Try to do your best to be organised and neat, and that will cut down any chances of mishaps. First, start with a plan by packing one room at a time and labelling each box as you go.

Relocation tips are easier said than done, so even if you can’t control the mess, you can make clear pathways for people to walk through to prevent tripping or slipping.


3. Get Your Kids And Pets Away

Kids and pets can make the packing process more complicated than it needs to be. They keep fidgeting all the time, and due to their curious nature, they could get in the way of the move and trouble the house removalists during the relocation process. They can get underfoot while you move heavy furniture, which will increase the risk of damage.

It is always advisable to keep your small kids or pets away when the packing and loading of furniture are done as they could get hurt in the process too.

You can send the kids to stay with your family or friends for a day or two, and putting the pets in a separate room is good enough. This will help keep everyone safe and make the process of packing hassle-free.


4. Wrap Up Sharp Objects And Address Appropriately

Wrapping up all the sharp objects such as gardening supplies or knives is a must, or else it can lead to cuts while packing or unpacking. It can also seriously damage other things packed in the box.

Always be sure to protect yourself from the sharp edges by wrapping those items carefully with bubble wrap. For extra cushioning, you can also use a dishtowel.

During the process of relocation, never forget to dress in manageable and comfy clothes. Always choose footwear that provides good support. Try to avoid wearing too loose or baggy clothes or else you could trip or fall in them.


5. Know How-To Lift

When you’re dealing with furniture, you’ll inevitably be lifting heavy items while you relocate. If you don’t lift these items correctly, you are sure to injure your body.

Never lift heavy furniture or boxes with your back; instead, try to let your legs do most of the work when you lift. This way, you’ll be putting less strain on your back, ensuring no back injuries. When you’re lifting heavy loads, bend at your knees – not by your lower back.

Carry the heavy loads close to your body to maintain balance and avoid twisting your body. If you need to turn or twist, do it with your hip first and not with your feet.

It is advisable to stretch throughout the day to get your muscles warmed up, especially in the morning before you get started with the packing. But you don’t find this comfortable task, ask professional removalists near you to lift the heavy things and load it into the truck.


6. Never Overpack

Just because you can fit 100 books in that medium-sized box doesn’t mean you should. All the moving boxes are designed to handle a specific amount of weight. If you fit them up with 100 pounds of weight, they are sure to get deformed and will end up injuring your back and damaging your items.

Always remember to pack not more than 50-53 pounds in a small box, 65-67 pounds in a medium one and 70-72 pounds in a large box. Use extra-large boxes for bulk items such as linens or comforters and cushions. Try to distribute the weight in every box according to the sizes and avoid overfilling.


7. Know When To Ask For Help

You must be really determined to handle the move all by yourself, which is a great mindset but know when you need help. Never try to move heavy items on your own, or else you could end up injuring yourself.

Instead, ask for help from someone or hire professional movers and packers via a moving company to tackle any big or heavy item for you.

Never take on more than you can. If you’re facing difficulty in moving or packing, the safest thing to do is to hire professional services. This advice is especially for injured people or if someone is recovering from any injury or chronic pain.

Take good rest the day before the move and eat nutritious meals. Also, don’t forget to hydrate yourself during the move. Take breaks whenever needed and keep high energy snacks on hand.

Protein bars, nuts, whole-grain crackers will help you replenish the energy you need. Being unsuccessful in any of these things can lead to exhaustion or stress, which you most certainly don’t want.

Executing successful furniture relocation without any damage or injury requires planning and preparation. Be sure to follow all the above-mentioned tips to ensure you prevent any accidents or injuries.

Never forget to make yourself a priority during the move and work only according to your body strength. Never rush with these projects, or else a mess can take place.

Always hire professional movers like Sydney Movers and Packers to lift huge furniture or pack fragile objects. It can be overwhelming to pack if you possess a lot of things and want to get them transported to your new home. Let our movers serve you with the best moving and cleaning services out there in Sydney.

We will create a customised plan just for you, and there are no hidden charges whatsoever. We believe that we earn our respect and money through the quality of service that we provide. To get the best quote, you can call or email us.

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We wish you a great move!

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