Frequently Asked Questions On Sydney Movers Packers - 2023

FAQs On Removalists Services In Sydney

House Removalists Services In Sydney

Ans. Yes, before moving, our team of professional removalists safely dismantle all the parts of your bed and pack them separately with premium packing material to ensure the safety of your bed during the moving process. Our bed movers are experienced and know all the techniques on how to move the bed safely. Then, when they arrive at your new place, they again reassemble every part of your bed safely as per your instructions.

Ans. It depends upon the size of the household goods and the distance that needs to be covered. For instance, when moving to a smaller house, two individuals with a van would suffice. However, if you're relocating to a larger mansion, you'll require 4-5 people and a suitable truck for a safe and efficient move.

Ans. Generally, the house moving process takes 2-3 hours to pack and shift everything properly if you are relocating to the locals of Sydney. But it varies if you are moving to the interstate.
Ans. Yes, Sydney Movers Packers uses heavy-duty packing cardboard boxes and excellent quality packaging supplies for your belongings. We are professional house removalists. We efficiently pack your electrical appliances with bubble wrap to protect them from any jerk during relocation and moving.
Ans. Yes, our company provides online and offline quotes. We don't charge for requesting quotes. You have to open our website in any browser, request a free online quote, fill in all the necessary details, and submit. Our request handling team will connect with you through call or mail and provide an estimation for your house removal process.

Furniture Removalists Services In Sydney

Q. Can you move our house furniture on weekends?

Ans. Sydney Movers Packers operates all our services 24*7. We understand the requirements of our customers and know that everyone can't relocate their house on weekdays. Therefore, we have a massive team of professional furniture movers that is always available to assist you.

Q. What if my furniture gets damaged by your moving team?

Ans. Don’t worry! All our movers are well-trained and operate every single step of furniture removal with proper care and safety. But in case something mishappens, then you can claim within 24 hours after the complete relocation process.

Q. I want to relocate my office furniture interstate. Can I get a quote?

Ans. Yes, we move furniture locally as well as interstate, and you can contact us anytime. We don’t charge for inquiries and quotes. Our mover team understands the clients’ office furniture requirements and moves everything with complete safety.

Q. What is the cost of your furniture removal service in Sydney?

Ans. The cost or estimation of furniture removal depends upon the size of the furniture and the distance of moving. It varies from the general price, so to find an accurate estimation for furniture removal, you can ask for a free online quote.

Q. Do you offer custom packaging for delicate things?

Ans. Yes, we understand the requirements of our clients very well. We know that some articles, like antiques fragile items, need special handling and packaging, so we provide custom packaging for our customers. We understand our clients' concern about their expensive and precious goods. Therefore, we offer the best quality packing supplies and special custom packing for delicate goods.

Office Removalists Services In Sydney

Ans. Our moving quotes depend upon the size of the goods and the distance of moving. That is why evaluation may vary from the standard price—every time; we make estimates based on the information of each customer that they provide to us.

Ans. Yes, Sydney Movers Packers operate all our services 24*7. We understand our customer's requirements and know that everyone cannot relocate their office on weekdays. Therefore, we have a massive team of expert and professional office movers that is always available to assist you.

Ans. Our top office removalists are very well-trained and operate under the expert team manager during the relocation process. Therefore there is a very slight chance of damage or any mishappening. But if something got damaged by our removalists, you can claim the damaged article within 24 hours after the relocation.
Ans. There is no such fixed price for office relocation; the moving quote is based on the estimation and requirements of the client. You can request a quote anytime to know the estimated price. Our evaluation of the cost of moving is based on the information provided by the client.
Ans. No, we don't charge extra for workstation installation. Our office removalists service is a complete removal solution for office removal; we do everything from packing to loading and installation on one charge. There are no hidden charges in our company.

Interstate Removalists Services In Sydney

Q. How long have you been working in this industry?

Ans. We have been working in this industry of movers and removalists for more than a decade and served thousands of clients with our best and most affordable moving service. In this journey, we have built a vast network of satisfied clients and professional working staff. All credit goes to our dedicated team of movers and our clients who referred us to other people.

Q. What are some additional services that your interstate movers offer?

Ans. In addition to packing and transportation, our interstate movers may offer additional services such as storage facilities, cleaning services, and unpacking services. We also provide specialized services such as pet or vehicle transportation. It is important to talk about your specific needs with us to ensure that all your requirements are met.

Q. How many men do I require for moving interstate?

Ans. Only after the pre-move survey will you get an accurate idea about how many men will be required for your interstate relocation. The number of men depends upon the size of the goods and the choice of your services.

Q. What happens if my belongings get lost or damaged during the interstate move?

Ans. If your belongings get lost or damaged during the move, you should contact us immediately. We will guide you through the claims process and provide compensation for any losses or damages covered by the insurance policy.

Q. How can you ensure that my belongings are safe during an interstate move?

Ans. Our professional interstate removalists team has the expertise and all necessary equipment to ensure your belongings are packed and transported safely. We use specialized packing materials, loading and unloading techniques, and secure transportation methods to minimize the risk of damage. We also provide insurance coverage to protect your belongings in case of mishaps.

Piano Removalists Services In Sydney

Ans. It depends upon the type of piano, but we usually permanently dismantle it. Even before moving, we dismantle all the oversized and heavy furniture, like the Pool table, piano, bed, etc., and pack them properly. Our piano removalists in Sydney are proficient, skilled, and experienced in dismantling and reassembling the piano.

Ans. Within 24 hours of your complete piano relocation, you can claim the damaged piano if our piano removalists cause it. Our team manager will look into the damaged piano and recover the damage for you.

Ans. Yes, our piano removalists expect someone to be present at the time of piano removal; otherwise, they do not enter the client's premises without permission. In addition, there must be someone at the destination place to sign off at the end of the job during the time of delivery.
Ans. Yes, the rate structure of piano removals is varied from the furniture removal services. A piano is very delicate from the other furniture, so it is considered a separate removal service. The charges depend on the type of piano and how long it will take to cover the distance.
Ans. A piano does not need to be tuned after the moving process, as it does not affect its tuning. However, the new house may affect its tuning compared to your former place or house because of the room's temperature, humidity, and size. Therefore, we approve that you wait for a couple of days to see how the piano settles down; then, you should go ahead if you find the need to tune the piano. We do not tune your piano, as tuning needs to be done by a Pianist.

Pool Table Removalists Services In Sydey

Q. What equipment do you use to move a pool table?

Ans. We use specialized equipment such as dollies, ramps, and straps to move a pool table. It's important to use the right equipment to avoid damage to the table and any surrounding structures. We have the appropriate equipment and training to move your pool tables safely.

Q. Is the estimated quote after the survey the final price?

Ans. When you tell us about the property that needs to be moved with other details, our surveyor gets a rough idea about the work that needs to be done. Our cheap pool table removalists provide you with a rough amount. This amount may change after including our best offers and discounts on the required services.

Q. Can I remove my pool table myself?

Ans. Removing a pool table by oneself is not recommended as it can be a very complex and difficult task. You might damage the pool table totally and yourself too. A pool table is huge and bulky. It is not a one-person task to move it. We are here to help you with that, and are also very affordable.

Q. What kind of removal services do you offer?

Ans. We offer all kinds of removal services like house removals, interstate removals, office removals, piano and pool table removals, cleaning services, bathtub/spa removals, and many more. So whether you are moving to the locals of Sydney or its interstate, we are always ready with our professional removalists team.

Q. Will you disassemble my pool table before moving?

Ans. Yes. We will disassemble all the parts of the pool tables before moving. We pack all the parts, like slate, rails, etc., of your pool correctly with the best quality packing material to ensure safety during transportation. Sydney Movers Packers use hi-tech tools and equipment to lift and move the heavy pool table.

Cleaning Services In Sydney

Ans. We offer a vast range of cleaning services in Sydney, including residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, and more.

Ans. The cost of our cleaning services varies depending on the type and area of the job. We offer free quotes and competitive pricing to ensure our services are affordable for all clients.

Ans. We provide all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment required for the job. However, if you have specific cleaning products you would like us to use, please let us know in advance.
Ans. Yes, all our cleaning products are safe for pets and children. We use eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure the safety of your loved ones and the environment.
Ans. Yes, all our cleaning professionals are fully insured and bonded for your peace of mind. We take pride in providing reliable and trustworthy services to all our clients.

Man With Van Moving Services In Sydney

Q. Can I help during the removal process?

Ans. Sure. You can help our removalists during the relocation process; after all, it is your stuff that we are transporting. But due to liability reasons, you are not allowed to enter our moving vehicles. Sydney Movers Packers follows all your directions and instructions to ensure we carry out your move in the most efficient way.

Q. How should I prepare for a Man With Van moving service in Sydney?

Ans. To prepare for a man with van moving service in Sydney, you should declutter your belongings, organize your items by room, label your boxes clearly, and ensure that your more oversized items can be easily moved.

Q. Can I change my moving date after bookings?

Ans. It is difficult to move the date after booking, but not impossible if you inform us in a defined period. Call us at 1800 865 005, and we will see what we can do for you. For your convenience, discuss and plan everything properly with our team manager at the time of the pre-move survey.

Q. How can I book your Man with van service?

Ans. Our man with van service is like a car rental service. You have to contact our friendly customer service to ask for a free quote and pre-move survey. After getting a reasonable estimation, our movers will arrive at your location and our particular moving day. We offer the best-moving vehicles equipped with the latest technology and tools.

Q. How much does a man and van service cost?

Ans. The cost of a man and van service will depend on factors such as the distance of the move, the number of items to be moved, and the duration of the job. It's best to request a quote earlier to determine the cost.