Are you up for a house or office move? Do you want to reduce your moving costs? Then you are at the perfect place. We have lots of tips for you to save a hell of a lot of money while packing.

Relocation is a difficult task, although you can surely have a stress-free and budget-friendly house or office move with careful research and planning.

Experienced Sydney movers and packers have shared these pro tips for saving the bucks because relocation can be costly. If you follow these instructions, you will save a fortune.

Moving requires money, especially if you’re moving your whole house or office out of the state or country. Even while relocating anything, packing is a tedious process.

It requires lots of planning and proper execution of the plan. There are many ways to pack and move cost-effectively, and these are the best choices that we have for you while moving your house or office.

So, without further do, let’s dive into some real business. By starting with a solid relocation plan and preparing a reasonable relocation budget, you are ready to embark on your journey of a smooth and cost-effective move.

Whatever you choose, we have provided you with some excellent money-saving tips for your house and office move.


1. Create a master to-do list

When moving homes and offices , it is obvious you’ll be bombarded with hundreds of works to do. Each one of these tasks should be taken seriously to carry out the move efficiently.

Do not let any of it slip out of your mind. Keep a small pen and notebook with you all the time write down all the tasks that come in your head throughout the day.

Note every single thing down on your notepad as it will take care of all the things there is to be done. In the end, you can evaluate and create a master list over a while to ensure that everything gets done correctly.

It will help you to save the end time errors and last-minute moving cost if you forget anything.


2. Use what you have already

Relocation is the right time to make good use of the grocery bags that you have stored over the years. You will surely have suitcases or some empty boxes, bags or other things that can be used for packing in your house and office for sure.

Of course, not everything will accommodate these items, but it will cut your cost as you won’t be buying extra boxes for things that can be packed in those spaces.

It would be best to get free boxes from local removalists for your move instead of wasting money on boxes. Make sure to use what you have first and then rent or buy the moving boxes according to the need. This way, you won’t need to buy as many packing supplies.

Additionally, you also use towels and other softer items to protect your items while packing. It will keep you away from buying many bubble wraps or other safety packing items. The aim is to use as many items as you own to cut the costs of buying packing supplies.


3. Minimalize all your items

A rule of thumb to go by is minimalising your belongings by sorting them out based on your need. We are sure there are many unwanted things in your closet or other things you don’t need.

Apply the Marie-condo method here! It is best to tackle one room at a time as this way you’ll be more organised and not wandering around in a sea of your belongings throughout your home or office.

We all hold on to many items that we no longer need or serve no purpose. Try sorting out all your items by choosing what items you need and what doesn’t.

You will surely end up with a pile of unwanted clothes and items. Now, you have to decide whether to sell, donate or throw away those office and household items.

Minimalizing is an efficient and sure-shot way to saving money by not wasting time, energy and supplies on unwanted things. After minimalising, your needs for packing supplies will be a lot less, and it is a cost-effective strategy to plan a move on a budget.


4. Use shredded paper instead of packing peanuts

Packing peanuts can be costly, especially if you have lots of fragile items to pack. Instead, you can use shredded paper to pack fragile and delicate items; they will do the same job at lesser or no cost.

Any kind of paper can work, get a bunch of shredded paper or rip them up yourself, and you’re good to go. They work as an excellent packing filler and will save your fragile items from breakage. Using shredded paper will cut down your cost by a considerable amount, so do try it out.


5. Pack fragile items with clothing

Use the old and torn clothes as a cover to save your large, fragile or delicate belongings from getting scratched. All the picture frames, crockery, silverware, fragile official items and plates are examples of fragile items.

Carefully pack them with cloth pieces, stack one above another with precision, and fill the space with some more clothes or newspaper cuttings.

It will reduce the need for bubble wraps and eventually cut down some moving cost. You can also add shredded paper to it to make sure the packing is extra safe.

Use your old pyjamas, soft fabric to create a lining at the wall of your boxes before you put delicate items in them. This method will save you from buying packing supplies and increase packing space, hence decreasing the number of boxes needed in total.

If you are having large furniture items like sofa set, dining table or other, then leave the stress of packing on expert furniture removalists.


6. Use rubber balloon instead of air pillows

The use of air pillows while packing is expensive. As helpful they might be, they do burn a hole in your pocket, especially when you are on a tight budget.

But, we are here to rescue, actually, not us but cheap rubber balloons. Why spend your money on expensive air pillows when cheap balloons can do the same work for you? It seems clever, right? Buy some balloons, and they will get the job done just fine.

One thing that is convenient with balloons is that the cost of balloons is a lot less than air pillows. Even the size of the balloons can also be controlled, on how large you want to make them according to your boxes to fit just perfectly.


7. Rent plastic moving boxes

Avoid spending your money on cardboard boxes if you have the option to rent plastic moving boxes. Instead of using regular cardboard boxes, renting plastic moving boxes will be a cost-effective solution for your house and office move.

Many moving companies have plastic boxes for rentals as they are easier to handle and eco-friendly. This tip is undoubtedly a cheaper and wiser alternative to buying cardboard boxes.

If you’ve leftover cardboard boxes, you can surely use them, but you should check out the plastic boxes for the rental option if you don’t.


8. Get cardboard boxes for free

There are a few means by which you can get cardboard boxes for free if you consider going with this option for some reason. There are many yard sales and super cheap offers on cardboard boxes from time to time.

You do have to keep looking out for the chance to get your hands on it. You may also get lucky and get them for free, as many people donate them. You can get them in the offseason on sales too.

You can check out departmental stores to get good quality moving boxes for free. Alternatively, you can also use liquor boxes or barrels made of wood to carry your heavy stuff safely to the new house.

The liquor boxes are often easy to carry around. You can request free used boxes at a liquor store or get them at a discounted rate.


9. Make your move in the offseason

The cost of moving will surely be lower in the off-season, while it won’t necessarily be extremely low. All the moving and packing companies are more likely to provide discounts on the packing supplies and packing services during the offseason, like in the winter and rainy season.

They are also more likely to provide good deals on their moving services since you will make a booking in the off-season for your house or office move.

Additionally, you can also try and find the cheapest time of the month to make an appointment for the move. Moving companies are generally busiest on weekends, so try to skip Fridays or Saturdays and get an appointment on Thursday instead. You may be surprised to get incredible discounts for your move.


10. Make sure to label your boxes

Labelling your boxes will prove helpful in many ways as it will help you remember what items each box has. It will also avoid creating any unnecessary mess as when you want to find something.

This way you’ll avoid buying anything that you already have. Labelling your boxes gives you easy access to all the stuff whenever you need them. It is beneficial when unpacking as it reduces stress and you are at peace about your belongings.


11. Pack electronics carefully

Taking a picture of the appliances connections will help you set up the whole system easily at the new home. Roll up and tape up your cables to avoid getting entangled and damaged.

Having pictures of all the connections before disconnecting the electronic items such as tv, computer system, etc., will be handy while setting up at the new home.

Additionally, the best way to pack off your electronic items is by packing them in the boxes they had arrived in the first place when they were purchased.

It will ensure that they are safe while transporting them to another place. If you don’t have the boxes, you could make a list and get them from the store or pack them along with a quilted blanket, clothing and tape.


12. Find out the best way to reach your new home

When you are relocating in the state or outside the state, it is essential to have efficient route planning to your new home. The short and safe route will save you from wasting time, money and energy by not getting stuck in any traffic jam.

Try to find out the easiest and efficient route to your new home. If you are new to that place then don’t take any risk and hire the best man and van removals services for safe and quick delivery of your goods.

Taking traffic, detours, and essential stoppage along the route to research well ahead of time will help you get to your destination efficiently and smoothly. Look up potential highway or roadway constructions schedules to make sure you reach the destination place without any obstacle.


13. Research professional moving companies  

Is there any other professional moving company giving better services at lower prices? Will it be possible to do it yourself or take professional help or settle down? You’ll get the answers to these questions only if you are ready to do some research.

Always get your research done to know what services you would be getting at what prices. Looking out at different moving companies can be a bit boring task, but it is an essential part of any relocation process.

On the other hand, you may get to know about some great deals while investigating professional packing and moving services.

Make sure to read the company’s list of services, refund and damage policies. Different moving companies have different terms and conditions. Go with one of the first few 4-5 stars rated companies after getting the full quote from them. Then, compare them and choose according to your convenience.


The Endnote

You can either move and pack by yourself or book professionals packers and movers for the job. Both of the alternatives have their advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, it will be the professional removalists who will be efficient with their job. Still, they only work on the agreed fees, whereas on the other hand, if you pack all your items with the help of your family and friends, it will surely be free of cost and fun, but it won’t be as efficient as the professionals. It will lead to delays and unnecessary frustration.

Since we have experience of more than a decade, let us relocate your belongings and office items safely and securely. We’ll take care to pack all the things with the utmost care, cheapest rates, and also take responsibility for the time-bounded transportation.

Sydney Movers Packers have a team of highly skillful movers and packers, who are best in their field of work, so there is no question of damage.

To get free quotes, you can email at-
or you can also call us on – 1800 865 005

We hope our tips and tricks make your office relocation easier. Happy moving!

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