Moving is a hard job, especially for older people and those who are physically disabled. Security and comfort are imperative to move for senior citizens.

When someone is moving, elderly parents so they enjoy the rest of their lives peacefully, or you’re downsizing your home to move close to family and friends.

Relocation can go smooth if you have a plan and you follow the essential steps. The whole process of relocation will be more comfortable.

These are some key points to take care of while relocating a house for older adults. Please keep reading to know what our experienced Sydney movers and packers have to say.


Have a moving checklist

  • Having a checklist while moving is absolutely important. It will help you immensely to simplify the huge task into a bite-sized one. With a senior moving checklist, you can make sure that you are taking care of each and every important thing that needs to be done. It will help you give a complete perspective of all the upcoming works and deadlines for the relocation so that you are always on time and relocate successfully. Here are some vital tasks to accomplish before moving as elderly or with elderly people.
  • You need to check for mobile phone accessibility at least two months before the move. You have to make sure that your elderly parents can move around in the new location without any limitation. Always check if the new home provides accommodations for the accessible design so that it’s easy to get around or use the home, such as a wheelchair ramp.
  • Getting moving quotes is a must. You need to know the lump sum cost of the move, and for that, you need to get quotes from different moving or relocation services. Always compare the quotes you get from different moving services and go for the one that you can afford. There are several efficient companies to help you with your move. Be sure to get a full quote so that you avoid any surprises on a moving day.


Organize things

Start with one room to avoid a collective mess. Declutter the space and sort the items that are supposed to be going to the new home. There may be many things that might end up in the bin; it is better to donate them or sell them to the thrift store.

This process will lessen your belongings by a lot, and you will have only the essential things you want. This way, the weight of your belongings will go down, and it will be easier to deal with.


Book your movers and packers

  • Now that you are done with decluttering and sorting out the items, it is a good time to book the movers. Booking movers in the summer times (which is a high moving season) is easier. Plan your move in the high booking seasons to get offers and fast booking or on the weekend. But make sure to book as soon as possible so that they handle the process after this.
  • Make a list of the valuables and write down the vital items that are supposed to be coming in the new home. Double-checking your moving arrangement is a must. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on anything that might to important.
  • After all of this, you may begin the packing process. It is going to be a tedious one, especially when you have a lot of items to pack. But first, remember to pack your vital documents and paper in advance, to be safe get them photocopied or take pictures.
  • Getting in touch with your physician is a good decision now. Use this opportunity to contact the physicians and ensure that you have an updated prescription. They might have some good advice; all of this is especially important if you have any medical issues. You may need to change pharmacies, and don’t forget to update your new address to make sure your prescriptions are not send to the old one.
  • It is suggested to be more careful as we come closer to the date of the move. So, pack any prescribed medication for your safety as it is easy to forget medications during the move. You can save your time if you set up a charity pick up. It will also lessen your burden on the back. Arrange a mail to go to the new address and inform the important companies about your move and the address change.


Moving day

This is the most crucial day of all, so ample rest and have nutritious food and medicines beforehand. Verify the movers and ensure that you have chosen the right moving company to help you relocate. Remember that verification of the movers is important for the move to go smoothly.

After that, you can walk through the home and make sure that the home is in good condition before leaving the property. Thoroughly check and read the moving document and sign only when you are sure about the move.


1. Communicating consistently

This is the time when you have to keep updating everyone about the relocation. Consistent communication helps a lot to keep the stress down and find solutions to any problems.

Ensure that everyone is clear about the scenario, as it makes it easier to focus on helping your parents with relocation. Having a relocation done for your family can be an emotional process, and sharing the experience helps a lot and will make the process easier for your people and elderly person.


2. Visit the new home

If you are free to visit the new home, then make sure you do so. If possible, do it several times. It is necessary that you have an active involvement in the changes that are going to take place there.

Whether the new home will change into an adult citizen community or a single-family home close to your home so everyone can get a sense of what it is like to be in a new home or neighbourhood.

It is also vital to visit the new home because you’ve got to update the accommodations, including design for mobility across the home, bathtubs with handlers or any site for nursing staff.

Make sure to visit the new location at least 2-3 months before the move. This will help you give a clear idea of all the changes that are necessary to be made.

When you tackle these changes before the move, you have one less thing to worry about after the move. You can also make sure if the location is right or not for elderly citizens.


3. Research about the moving companies

It is crucial to research for the best house removalists, especially when there is a senior on the line. One has to make sure the services moving company provides elder-friendly.

Using moving companies that are experienced with moving seniors is a smart decision as you can rely on them to do the job properly and be considerate and respectful at the same time. Start by comparing three moving companies like these and get complete knowledge on the prices.

Choose the optimum one according to your needs. Inquire about the vetting process of the staff members. Thoroughly understand the ones who will be helping your senior parents with their items.

Some moving companies outsource the moving services and use contractors. So, understanding the whole process is really vital.

Devise a plan with the movers on how exactly to pack all the furniture and heavy items and get them transported to the new location. Ask the moving companies to come out clear with all the pricing charges so that there are no hidden charges. Maintain transparency and let them know what your needs are.


4. Think about your health

Before you relocate to the new home, it is important that you have a medical plan for yourself in the place. When you start aging, health care becomes a vital part of your life and can’t be put off.

You can start by talking to your doctors about the moving plan and the new location that you are going to get shifted to. If the movie is out of the state or country, the insurance providers may need to be switched.

Your medical time may need some time to send you the important health records to your new physicians. Speaking with the doctors give you a lot of insight and discuss the correct options for packing any medications and getting recommendations for doctors in the new location.

Also, make sure to pay your final visit to dentists or other doctors as this way, you can ensure you get the appointment times, care and advice in time for your move.


5. Book your moving company

Now that you have taken care of all the necessary things, you can go ahead and book your move. Booking your movers well in advance is important when you are relocating outside the state of the country.

When you wait for too long, you risk losing the moving dates you want. Booking your movers at least two months prior to the move is vital to make sure you get the dates to need. Make sure you have all the information about the moving movers and packers.


6. Manage the mail and payment

It is imperative to manage all the mails and the payments before you move. Contact the respective parties a week before the move and get everything settled down.


7. Sort and organize the things

Make a list of the items you are supposed to be taking to the new home and start by arranging them—Declutter the shelves one by one to avoid mess.

You can also click the picture of your furniture to know its arrangement, and it will be helpful when you assemble all the furniture in the new location.

Sell or donate the things you don’t need, and you can also get your whole family involved in this process. This way it will be fun and fast.


8. Prepare yourself for the packing and the unpacking

So after getting all the stuff packed, the professional movers are going to get all your things safely transported to the new destination. On reaching there, you’ve got to do the main work, which is unpacking.

It is easier said than done as it looks really simple when we say that all you’ve got to do is pack, transport and unpack. But in reality, it is a hectic and stressful job to do.

Always pack the important items last and unpack them first, as soon as you reach the new home. The hired professionals will be bringing all the important packing supplies and pack all the things safely.

But you can pack all the fragile items on your own with a bubble wrapping sheet if that is possible. One thing you should never forget is to label the boxes correctly. This will save you a lot of time, effort and unnecessary confusion. You will know what things belong to which box.


On a moving day

After verifying and choosing the moving company, you want to go with, get yourself ready for the move. Keep taking breaks and hydrate yourself throughout the day. Don’t forget to take your medications in a mess. The moving part will be taken care of by the hired professional movers.

They will help you pack and unpack, even assemble the belongings in the new home. This is where the photos will come in handy. After you get settled in the new home, take a rest and don’t immediately jump on to unpack your stuff. Unpack one box at a time to make sure you avoid any mess.


Settle in and celebrate

Congratulations! Now that you have moved in and settled with the environment, you can go out and about in your neighbourhood and get an idea of the shops the medicals out there.

This is the time to celebrate your successful relocation. Get yourself some champagne and give yourself a toast because you deserve it. Moving is not an easy task, but following all these steps will definitely make it a lot easier.

Moving is a difficult task, and we would be kidding if we tell you the other way, but it can be handled with ease if there is a precise plan. A checklist is immensely helpful to keep track of all the important details and works to do.

If you face any problem or have to deal with heavy furniture or fragile items, it is always best to book professional furniture movers and packers to help you with relocation. They will ensure that everything that reaches your new home is damage free. Each and everything will be taken care of.

Give us the opportunity to serve with our outstanding relocation services at the most affordable prices. One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that we also provide 24*7 customer service.

This means we are also on our toes to help you out with any move related query. We have satisfied customers for the last ten years.

Our claim to fame is the highly skilled and professional team of movers and advanced fleet of vehicles. We have all kinds of removalists services for you, which are flexible and can be designed according to your needs. It will be our honour to serve you.

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