This part of one’s life is undoubtedly the most adventurous and exciting period in life. Moving out of home for the first time and living independently gives a great sense of achievement to college students.

Just when you thought the tricky part of getting into a college is over (application, interviews, etc.), the fact that you have to get resettled at the new college location strikes you.

Single Room or Appartment Relocation can be an intimidating and frustrating experience. You are entirely free to do anything you want, but you’re also responsible for all the decisions you make.

The moving part itself is filled with all sorts of challenges. It can become tiresome and painful if not planned and carried out efficiently.

Your relocation plan needs optimum planning and efficient execution, or else it can be a hot mess. There are various tips and tricks available which are beneficial for college students to prepare for a successful move.

These tips will save your time so that you can spend it on your studies and are hassle-free. Here are the 9 most important tips for easy relocation.


1. Find a good location and check the paperwork

You need to find a location that is closer to your college campus. Before finalizing the location, be sure to scrutinize every vital detail there is.

Remember to check the security part of the area. Check whether it is safe at night and has the basic facilities or not and about the neighbourhood.

You need to look into these details to have a better life after shifting to the area. After finalizing, check the paperwork and read everything in detail.

This will save to a lot of problems and headaches in future. Ensure that you have carried all the necessary forms such as student ID, medical form, health report, address proof and other documents.


2. Come up with a plan

We guarantee you that you will be thanking yourself afterwards if you come up with a plan for the whole relocation. It is highly efficient to make a plan; not only does it help revise the move, but also it makes sure that nothing is left out. Jot down all the essential checklists and works to get done before and after the move.

Draw up the floor plan of your new residence and plan where the furniture would go—lookup for the best ways to arrange furniture and have it all with you beforehand to reduce the load.


3. Sort out your items

Declutter the items in your wardrobe and room. Bring them all out, clean everything and decide what will go with you. Decluttering your closet will help solve a lot of problems.

Make sure to pack only those things which are essential for you. Avoid stuffing excess items, as there’ll be plenty of time to bring back other miscellaneous items.

Now that you are done sorting things out, you can sell, donate or gift the things you don’t want. Remember to pack the essential things in good quality packing materials and the other materials in average packing items.


4. Use what you already own

This is the part that you have you get creative in. Packing your belongings with the things you already own will cut cost by a lot as you won’t have to invest or buy extra packing materials or something else.

As college students, we always lookout for an opportunity to save money and this way, you will kill two birds with one stone. You can save your money and time, and most importantly, you will save yourself from the burden of carrying an extra load.

You can use your socks or scarves to wrap up fragile things. No need to buy bubble wraps if you can pack the things in clothing properly.

This way, you’ll lessen your load and avoid unnecessary waste. We will also suggest you avoid packing clothes that are not seasonal as you can ship them later on when necessary.


5. Avoid rush hour and optimize the whole thing

If possible, try to move into your new place during the low-rush hour or mid-week. This will accelerate the whole move process as there will be less common, and it will be easier to move heavy boxes and furniture then. Always remember that the goal is to make the least amount of trips possible.

To make that happen, try to pack all your things compactly. You can pack smaller things into more oversized items to minimize the space.

Optimizing the packing situation is crucial if you want to save fuel and energy. Sometimes students have to move on an instant note, in that case, hiring the last minute movers is the best option to save themselves from haste and hassle of packing and moving.


6. Ask for help

It is always better to involve more people in your move as moving on your own can be exhausting. Ask for help from your family and friends to lift the heavy boxes or the furniture.

Not only it will be fun, but also it will be much quicker and easier. And the best part is that all of this help will cost you a free pizza party afterwards. The work will be done, and it will be accessible in your pocket too.

But if you see yourself lifting many heavy items and no one around you to help, we recommend you to book professional movers and packers for the deal and smooth moving.

Or you can also book moving pods and vehicle. Heavy lifting can be dangerous sometimes, so it is best to get it done by a professional.


7. Pack all your treasured items

The photo frame that your friend gifted you or the dream catcher that you bought from the local store. Pack it all up properly to bring them to the new place.

It is essential to decorate the place healthily and doesn’t make you homesick more often. All these cherished items will remind you of the people that care about you can help create a cozy environment. Furthermore, those things won’t take up much space in your new room.


8. Arrange an essential bag

On the day of the move, be sure to have a bag with all the essentials such as toothpaste, brush, towels, basic clothes etc., to have easy access to self-care, medication, key of the room and clothes. Add toiletries and essential medicines, if any, in a clear plastic bag so that you find them easily.

Additionally, keep some snacks such as protein bars, nuts and high energy foods to recharge yourself whenever necessary. Keeping essentials is a must and should be taken seriously to save time and get work done.


9. Remember to clean again

You will surely come in contact with many germs, pollutant and microbes, and so will your belongings. Not only that. Your new room is more than likely to have unwanted foreign substances waiting for you. To avoid any contamination or cross-contamination, be sure to sanitize every corner of your room.

Don’t forget the nook and crannies, and these dark spots are the favourite breeding ground of mites, insects and germs. Clean all your belongings that have been exposed to the surroundings.

This way, you’ll make sure that you avoid any unwanted infection or disease. If you alone to clean up all the mess then its better to the book the professional cleaning services.

Additionally, we suggest you dress comfortably; don’t fall for the trap- dress to impress. You’ll have ample time to do that later on But when moving, choose to wear cozy clothes as you’ll be doing a lot of physical work.

Moreover, if you decide to invest in packing materials, try to buy eco-friendly materials to help the environment sustain itself. You can also ask for free boxes from local stores or ask for a discount on them and most importantly, don’t forget to label the boxes carefully to avoid any confusion in future.



Moving out can be a daunting and thrilling experience. To avoid any hassle, follow these above-mentioned tips and tricks to have a successful move.

We will suggest you follow minimalism; this will help tidy up your space and influence your mental state. Your aim should be to reach from point A to be B smoothly and efficiently and make that happen, and we will walk you through the whole process.

Allow us to serve you with the finest moving services available in Sydney. We’ll take responsibility for the whole move and ensure that it is a smooth experience for you.

We are proud to be providing such top-notch moving services at affordable prices. We promise to take care of each one of your problems.

We are the most trustworthy moving company in Sydney with a great deal of experience and love from our customers. To get help with any of your moving-related needs, you can reach out to us.

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